Welcome to my Portfolio

My paintings represent a fantasy world, a distortion of the truth and of reality.  The worlds created offer a range of experiences from the mundane to the dreamlike.  Often times, it is my emotional reaction to the painting as it is being created which serves as the inspiration. 
            I am inspired by the energy of the colors.  I typically start with colors the add lines.  The lines develop into figures, shapes and images.  It is truly an evolutionary process.  As it evolves, the paining takes on a life of its own.   
            The techniques I use vary and the painting changes given the specific technique and tools that are used.  Technique gives the painting texture.  For me the texture of the painting is very important, it gives the images life.  Sometimes texture is used to represent an object.  Other times, the texture overrides the image.  It becomes of the utmost importance in my painting; the way the color sits on the texture and reacts to it.  Because of the texture, the painting speaks to the individual on more than a visual level.